Magnetic secondary glazing cost is designed to make your home warmer, drier and quieter by adding a second pane over the existing window. It provides a wide range of benefits including thermal enhancement, noise reduction and condensation elimination – all at a fraction of the cost of full double glazing. But not all secondary glazing is the same, with different options available to suit various budgets and requirements.

Magnetic secondary glazing is a popular choice with many customers. It involves fitting a clear acrylic (also known as perspex) window pane to the frame of your existing window with steel and magnetic tape. The tape holds the window in place but can be instantly removed to allow ventilation and access to the outer window. This makes it a very practical solution to reduce heat loss, draughts and cold spots in older homes or character or listed buildings where renovation is not possible.

Counting the Costs: Understanding the Investment of Magnetic Secondary Glazing for Your Home

A magnetic secondary glazing kit can be bought online or from many DIY stores and is relatively simple to fit. The black part of the magnetic tape comes in a coil so just measure off the length you need and apply it to the edges of your new clear acrylic window pane. The white part of the tape (labeled as steel) is stuck to the window surround and the acrylic pane clips onto the steel to create a magnetic seal and a smart appearance.

This system works well and is relatively quick to install but it has a few drawbacks. Its appearance is compromised by the use of plastic rather than glass and it can be damaged or tarnished by cleaning and sunlight. The magnetic strips also leave an unpleasant residue when they’re removed.

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