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Emily Cooper is transferred by boite d’interim paris her Chicago pharmaceutical marketing firm, the Gilbert Group, to a Paris-based fashion firm called Savoir. Leaving behind her boyfriend, she moves to the city and immediately starts documenting her experience on Instagram. She meets a nanny from Shanghai named Mindy, and they become fast friends. Emily accidentally irritates her boss, Sylvie, by speaking with her French client, Antoine Lambert, who turns out to be her married lover. Later, she tries to market Vaga-Jeune, a lubricant for menopausal women, which goes viral and leads to her being rehired by Sylvie and placed on the VP team.

Flexible Futures: Temp Work Insights in the Heart of Bordeaux’s Job Market”

On a romantic date with Gabriel, Emily reveals to him that she has an ulterior motive for coming to Paris, and he accuses her of betraying their pact. Meanwhile, he confides in his manager, Mathieu, that he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and won’t show his new fashion collection to anyone. Eventually, he resigns from the company and becomes a private chef for his wealthy grandmother in the suburbs of Paris.

When a client needs a temporary worker, the agency selects candidates from its roster and conducts basic interviews to shortlist them. Once a candidate is hired by the agency, it will perform background checks and health tests to ensure that they are fit for their role. Temp agencies also help employers avoid the hassle of hiring and firing on their own, and they have access to a pool of workers who can be easily replaced if necessary.

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