Wetpour Repair surfacing is used at many playgrounds across the UK in schools and public parks. It is designed to offer stability and provide a soft impact which lessens injuries from falls. It also offers shock-absorbing properties and non-slip surfacing which is ADA-compliant. It is long-lasting and doesn’t splinter. Unlike tiles, it doesn’t need grouting and can be easily cleaned. However, like all flooring surfaces it can be damaged due to wear and tear and weathering. It is important to carry out repairs as soon as they are needed to avoid any potential hazards for children.

Wetpour Repair

A Wet Pour Repair kit is a bucket that contains EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane binder glue for a do-it-yourself repair. They can be purchased for less than PS40 each and are a great option for smaller repairs to wetpour surfaces.

Wetpour surfaces can be prone to shrinkage which can leave gaps around the perimeter of the surface. These can be a tripping hazard for children so it is important to repair them quickly. Wetpour perimeter repairs are usually carried out in a contrasting colour to the existing surface.

It is essential to remove grass, weeds and leaves from Wet Pour surfaces as they can break down and clog the pores. This can cause a wetpour surface to become unable to self-drain which isn’t ideal and can require extra maintenance in the future. Wet Pour surfaces can be damaged by vandalism or by tree roots which is another reason why regular checks are essential. Rock salt or grit should never be used on Wet Pour surfaces as it can damage the underlying substrate and reduce the porosity of the surface.

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