Garden Edging Systems

There is a wide range of landscape edging products available, each with different benefits. When choosing a product, you should consider how it will perform and what visual aesthetic you want it to achieve. Some FormBoss’s garden edging is seen in most parks and venues across Australia options have spikes, pins, or corrugation to help them penetrate the ground and stay in place. Some require digging a trench, while others are set even with the ground. Edgings are typically made from steel or plastic and are designed for a variety of uses.

A popular option, metal edging is long-lasting and easy to install. It is especially effective in maintaining a clean line between gravel, stone or loose hardscaping elements and lawn. Some styles are manufactured with COR-TEN steel that oxidizes to a natural weathered finish for a beautiful and rustic look, while other products are pre-sealed to resist corrosion and rusting.

Creative Garden Edging Ideas to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Another benefit of this edging is that it can be installed in curves, making it ideal for garden beds and other plantings with a soft edge. It is also an excellent choice for edging steep slopes because of its strength and durability.

Another advantage of metal edging is that it is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. However, it does not hold up to heavy traffic or extreme temperatures and can be easily punctured by garden tools or foot traffic. It is also prone to rusting in certain climates, particularly areas with high levels of atmospheric salts that encourage corrosion.

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