True North Social: tiktok media agency focuses on creating a unique marketing strategy that caters to a specific audience and meets business goals. They offer a variety of services, from media buying and placement to optimization. They also help brands find the right influencers to collaborate with.

Who pays influencers on TikTok?

The best agencies understand the platform and are able to create content that is authentic and reaches the most target audience. These agencies have years of experience with TikTok and can provide you with a marketing campaign that is scalable and measurable.

Unlike other platforms, TikTok values genuine content from its creators. Its algorithm helps users discover videos with an authentic feel that they can relate to, even if the creator only has a small following.

Influencers with a strong community are the most successful on TikTok. They can drive a high volume of engagement and generate a large ROI, which is why the app encourages its influencer partners to collaborate with each other to promote a product or brand.

In addition, the app offers a number of different ad types, including in-feed ads, discovery pages, and brand takeovers. These ad types require the involvement of a TikTok sales team, which is why it’s important to work with an agency that knows how to use them effectively and efficiently.

Luxury Brands on TikTok

If you’re a luxury brand, partnering with a tiktok media agency that has experience with the high-end market is a great idea. Sociably works with brands like Jimmy Choo, Jaguar and Ferrari to create content that is a fit for the brand’s target audience on TikTok.

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